The team leader or designated person is responsible for having one other person assisting them with the deposit.

For the protection of the volunteers’ or staff there should always be two people with the offering.   Volunteers should not be related to each other and have cleared background checks run prior to handling money.

Background checks can be run by the ministry leader, pastor, or worship center Administrator through the Fellowship One data base. A Release Form for a background check must be filled out by the volunteer prior to any background check being run.


  • Separate the cash/coins and checks
  • One person counts the cash/coins & the other counts the checks
  • Swap; count again; totals must match
  • Fill out an Offering Sheet with deposit totals, date and sign the sheet
  • Stamp the back of all checks with deposit stamp
  • Make copies of checks for turning into someone else for entry into fellowship one
  • Save the donor cash envelopes and staple to cash offering sheet
  • Complete deposit slip – List each check number and amount separately, as well as the cash/coin, both people should sign their names on the slip
  • Turn in offering sheet, copies of checks, cash envelopes and copy of deposit slip to the person who enters the information into Fellowship One

Complete information on deposit bag & insert deposit

  • Show “Customer Name” as “CTK-location”, i.e. CTK-Burlington
  • Indicate deposit date
  • Both persons handling the deposit should sign on the address line
  • Seal bag per instructions
  • Take sealed bag to assigned bank’s night deposit facilities or turn into bank
  • Once bag is sealed only one person is required to handle the night drop or drop off to the bank, however, each location must exercise judgment in this area

 Final Step

  • All information must be entered into Fellowship One by creating a deposit batch
  • Instructions for Fellowship One can be found here.
  • Once batch is put into Fellowship One the person who entered the information needs to sign the offering count sheet with date and amount entered into Fellowship One.
  • These records should be kept for 3 months in the event of a discrepancy and then shredded before being discarded.



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