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Paid Staff may enter into the CTK purchase card system by obtaining a Wells Fargo Visa card which helps the worship center in purchasing incidental supplies for their location.  The purchase card enrollment form will need to be filled out online for review and initiation. All unpaid staff will need to fill out a W-9 before a purchase card can be issued. All requests must have prior pastor or supervisor approval.

All statements run from the beginning of every month to the end of every month. When your statement is ready to be reconciled you’ll receive the auto generated email reminder from the Wells Fargo CEO that is sent on the 1st day of the month. You have a total of 10 calendar days to complete the reconciliation process within the CEO portal before the system will no longer allow you to reconcile that months purchases.

If for some reason you’re not receiving your reminders please check your spam and junk folders.

All your receipts need to be turned into Network Resources within 30 days of the statement end date, which is the last day of every month. The easiest method would be to upload your receipts online via the receipt form in PDF format. You can also send your receipts in an envelope and write your name and the statement month on the outside of the envelope so we know to match it to your records. For those of you who are tech savvy and would rather use your phone you can download the tinyscan  or Camscanner app to your phone or tablet and send to ap@ctknr.com. Virtually any scanner app will work that converts documents to PDF files. Be sure to write your name and project number on the receipts if applicable. 

CamScanner Via Google Play Store

CamScanner Via Itunes

Tinyscan Via Google Play Store

Tinyscan Via Itunes

Both the CEO and our accounting software rely on you to follow through with your end of the reconciliation process so finance can upload what’s needed to complete the transfer of information . If you fail to reconcile your card statement or turn in receipts within the 30 days your card could possibly go on suspension for the following month until your receipts have been turned in. If your card has been suspended three times within a 6 month period then it could become inactive and you’ll be asked to use check requests for reimbursements.

For paid staff: All missing receipts will generate taxable income to you and will go on your paycheck as unaccountable receipts the following month. At year-end your W-2 will contain your wages plus any unaccountable receipts as taxable income, this is required by the IRS for undocumented expenditures. Reg. §1.62-2(c)(3)

For unpaid staff: All missing receipts will generate taxable income to you for unaccountable expenses and you will be issued a 1099 at year end as misc income. Reg. §1.62-2(c)(3)

Late Substantiation or Return of Excess: If an employee substantiates expenses and returns excess advances after the employer has treated amounts as wages, the employer does return any withholding or treat amounts as nontaxable. Reg. §1.62-2(h)(2)

Here are some training videos on how to login to the CEO as well as how to reconcile your card in the event you deleted your instructional email. 

How to Login in

How to Reconcile In the CEO

Wells Fargo Quick Reference Guide PDF

Resetting your password: To reset your password click the forgot password link on the CEO web page and it’ll prompt you to enter in your security questions. If for some reason you forgot your security questions or have trouble resetting your password please call Wells Fargo at 800-289-3557. You’ll need your unique ID in the event you don’t remember your security questions which is the last four digits of your social security number. 

For a lost or stolen card please call 1-800-932-0036.

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