Fellowship One

Before you begin using Fellowship One you’ll need to request a login here

Once you’ve been given access you’ll need to sign into Fellowship One and change your password.

Below you’ll find a list of instructional videos on how to create batches, enter a household and various other tasks that can be done in the Fellowship One depending on your security rights.

Please note we will be adding more instructions as we expand the use of the data base so please keep checking back. 

Creating A Batch From A Bank Deposit

Adding Contributions

Splitting A Contribution

Checking For Accuracy Of Batch

Adding A Household

Adding A Person To A Household

Merging Households In The Event Of A Duplicate (This should only be done if there are two household entries for the same worship center) Do not merge a household that attends two worship centers or contributes to two different worship centers, there should be a household record for each worship center the household attends. 

Splitting An Individual From A Household

Creating A Pledge Drive

Generating A Tithe Statement

Finding And Editing Personal Information

Creating A Group

Sharing A Group

Mailing Labels

Sending Email

Sending Group Email

Fellowship One Help Center (Use this link for other how to instructions)

For More Video Tutorials and Courses Through F1



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