Employee Guidelines





Basic Employee Information sheet and Guidelines:

  • All employees are required to complete the employee new hire packet and all the forms contained in its entirety to be retained in their employee file.
  • All employees are required to be paid by direct deposit.
  • Employees can view their pay stubs online at https://paychecks.intuit.com/ by setting up a user account.
  • Hourly employees are required to submit their timesheets by the method provided by Network Resources on the Monday prior to the pay date of that Thursday to be paid on time.
  • Employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis with there being 26 pay periods in the year.
  • Employee Sick, Holiday and Vacation time is left to the worship center Pastor or supervisor’s discretion as to the amount of time off given or whether it will be paid. Employees are encouraged to discuss the arrangement with their pastor or supervisor prior to upcoming Holidays and Vacation so there is no confusion.
  • In the event of a workplace injury the employee is required to tell their supervisor immediately at the time of the incident and fill out an accident report. The employee must also immediately submit the report to Network Resources and place a phone call to Network Resources for further instruction.
  • Employees can choose to have their reimbursements paid by direct deposit by notifying Network Resources and signing an agreement form. Please contact Network Resources if you would like more information on this process.
  • Donations by a donor intended for an employee as a special gift are taxable income to the employee. If donations are given directly to the employee it is still the employees responsibility to claim the funds given as taxable income when they file their taxes.  *Please note gifts intended for individuals are not tax deductible donations to the donor.
  • New employees should receive a review at 30 or 90 days dependent on their position to communicate the status and success of their employment. All other employees will be given an annual review to evaluate current performance and identify opportunities to improve future improvements.
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