Confidentiality Policy





Confidentiality Policy

As staff and volunteers at CTK, we will all be reading, handling, creating, or otherwise become aware of lots of personal information. Personal information is provided to us AS A TRUST, and we need to treat it accordingly. As a matter of policy, all personal information is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. This means that you should not access information unless you have a need to know that specific information in order to perform your job responsibilities. Similarly, you should never share with someone else personal information you have in your possession unless they have a specific need to know. Information that would come under this standard would include:

  • Addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information are not to be given out to the public or to any church member or attendee unless there is a specific ministry-related need to do so.
  • Any information shared in the form of prayer requests. Rules on sharing this kind of information are very specific, and this is why all prayer requests should be handled through our prayer system.
  • Any information to do with personal giving: amounts, frequency, or any other aspect
  • Any information to do with counseling: who, when, why, or even that counseling is occurring is not to be shared outside of need-to-know. This applies to all counseling no matter how “OK” it may seem, including pre-marital, etc.
  • Any other personal information we may acquire through any means is restricted and not to be given out

Most of the personal information we store is found in Fellowship One. The user-specific passwords, security roles, and other permission settings in Fellowship One allow staff access to the information they need to do their job, while limiting their access to other information. In order to preserve this security system, it is imperative that staff members never allow others to use their password to log onto Fellowship One. At times it may be necessary to retain personal information in other places such as a file or electronic document. Long term retention of personal information outside of Fellowship One should be absolutely minimized. In other words, if you don’t need to hold it in a file, shred it.

In order to comply with these guidelines, you should have your PC setup for a timed screen saver that is password secured. In this way, your PC will not be “open” to anyone who walks into your office. You should never leave documents containing any personal information about anyone out on your desk when you leave your office. Any personal information you have on paper should be stored and, if appropriate, locked in your desk or file cabinet. When you leave your office for more than a few seconds, you should close and lock the door.

Thanks so much for your attentiveness to this important responsibility. By complying fully with this policy, we all can help CTK continue to be a safe place for people to share their “stuff” and find Jesus!

I have read and agree to comply with the CTK Confidentiality Policy. I further understand that my obligations as set forth in this policy extend beyond the end of my relationship with CTK.

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